Saturday, March 27, 2010


Winston-Salem's art house theatre a/perture beckons yet again, this time for the Atom Egoyan film Chloe.

Gorgeous Julianne Moore frets over her hunch that husband Liam Neeson is having affairs. What better way to get the scoop yourself than to hire a hooker to bait him and report back to you, right? This is the premise of the far-fetched film Chloe, a remake of a 2003 French film entitled Nathalie.

Distrust sends one into previously uncharted depths. To what lengths would you go to get the truth? As a wife longing for just a loving touch, how easy is it to go from using a hooker as an information gatherer to getting physically turned on by the specific details of the encounters?

With the news you receive, consider the source. Can anyone be trusted?



Anonymous said...

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XXL Brewing said...

Amanda Seyfried = Schwing!

Sean said...

Not really a fan of the movie Chloe. But I must say you have to tell us about how your black ipa turns out