Monday, March 8, 2010

Newest addition to my DVD library

Best Picture. It won. The Hurt Locker. Stunning film. Commented on these very pages in August 2009: And now, in accordance with my collection addiction, it joins all the other Best Picture winners on the shelf.

Congratulations Ms. Bigelow on recognition of your very powerful film.


Chemgeek said...

How far back does the DVD collection go? All the way back to Wings? That would be awesome.

Flash said...

Indeed. All the way to "Wings". The hardest one to get was "Cavalcade", which I found online from CHINA. It doesn't work in my DVD player, but does on my Mac. Pirated? Maybe. But my collection of Best Picture films is complete.

Chemgeek said...

Holy crap!!! I was only kidding about going all the way back to WIngs.

OMG!!!! I'm standing (virtually) in the presence of total awesomeness.

That is amazing.